Business Products and Services Needs Your Feedback, Your Referrals, and Repeat Businesses Rewards Program avoids what economists call the "moral hazard". For example, we do not solicit Yelp or Google reviews. And if you refer us business we will give you only gratitude, not a commission check. This way when you refer us business or write a review it is purely because of the quality of our services and printing. Lastly we don't offer tangible gifts as rewards (like a Sony Playstation) because we believe the entity that gets the reward should be same one that pays the bills (although we do on occasion mail out Trader Joe's Gift Certificates when whim and fancy strike). For more on our ethical business practices, visit our Ethics Page.

What Are Points ?

We use a simple point system where 100 points equals one dollar.

When Are Points Available and Do They Expire ?

If your account is in good standing, Rewards Points are available 60 days after issue and must be used within 1 year of issue. We know that 60 days may sound like a long time but it is the time we need to support this program accurately. Thank you for understanding.

How Do I Apply Points Towards A Purchase ?

We will automatically discount your invoice by the amount of points you have available. No action is required on your part.

How Do I Earn Points ?

Your will receive 5 points with every dollar you spend.

Why, don't I get points for referrals or on-line reviews ?

We are sending the wrong message to future customers by compensating you for referrals or reviews. Instead we offer only our gratitude.

Thank you for understanding and accepting our sincere appreciation.

By the way, is really, really, clear on the issue of soliciting reviews:

"Yelp has advised business owners not to offer incentives for reviews. For starters, paying people to write reviews about your business is another form of shilling and that's just wrong. Second, very often you'll offend a customer and the offer will be quickly outed in your reviews, resulting in unintended negative reviews and/or negative publicity. ", the Yelp Team

Thanks again for considering