Business Products and Services Recognizes and Mitigates Environmental Impact recognizes its responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of its operations and printed products.

Carbon Neutrality

As our pending our first sale, is a certified parter of the Our goal is to be a carbon neutral company.

Soy-based Inks, FSC Certified Paper, low VOCs, and more. is proud to be in one of the few industries with a sustainable supply chain. For nearly all of our full-color printing, we use inks derived from soy beans. Soy-inks not only have brighter and richer color than petroleum-based inks but the printed products are easier to recycle. It also takes less energy to produce soy-based inks and soybean is low impact crop. Soybean require almost no irrigation, limited fixed nutrients, and leaves fewer agricultural residues than other crops.1,2 Our other pressroom supplies also have an organic origins or are safe metallics like aluminum.

Soy-inks are slower to dry than petroleum based or UV-curable inks, for this reason and others we need 3 to 5 business days to complete most orders.

As for paper, we only purchase from several ecologically aware suppliers. Our carbonless forms use soy-based capsules (supplier: Kelly Paper, brand: Excel). Our posters and cardstock products are printed on either paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or paper from well managed forests specifically grown for paper (supplier: Kelly Paper, brand: Utopia Digital 100lb text). As for our envelopes we currently use mixed sources so it is difficult to generalize but we only buy from FSC committed suppliers like Kelly Paper, xPedx or Southland Envelope.

We ensure that coatings on our paper are low to zero VOC. This is good not just for the environment but for the health and safety of you and our employees.

Free Proof Reading, Free Artwork Inspection, and Quality Commitment.

Bottom line, all the certifications in the world won't matter if you reject your prints due to quality. Our lead pressman, Peter Richards, has over 30 years experience. We have very little press room waste because he understands the presses and the right supplies to use. By starting with bright white cardstock we ensure you don't reject your order due to quality.

Finally we proofread everything that goes to print to check for typos and other mistakes in your artwork. We really do care about printing it right the first time. Compare us to other printers, like, that are happy to just blame you and then profit from your reprint.

Green(er) Delivery Vehicles delivery vehicle gets better than 30MPG in the city. But for most of our deliveries we exclusively use UPS. More so than other carriers, UPS has demonstrated a commitment to adding hybrid vehicles to its delivery fleet.

Solar-Powered Webhosting Starts Soon

We have recently purchased the equipment to make the majority of our web pages solar powered at day, and battery powered for most of the night. All systems will have grid-based back up power, so you won't get excuses from us on the rare day that it is cloudy.

We'll post a youtube video explaining how to do this in case other companies want to learn or laugh at us. The Linux drivers we develop for the charge, discharge, and AC file-safe control circuitry will be licensed under the Creative Commons open-source license so anyone can duplicate our efforts (assuming we are successful).

Recycling Programs

The Cities of Phoenix and Tucson deserves credit here not us. Our cities haver made it easy to recycle our paper and plastic products.

For Further Reading

For more information on the environmental impact of offset printing techniques like those used by please review the following EPA article: Pollution Prevention in a Lithographic Pressroom by Lyle I. Van Vleet